Veterinary Services

Are you struggling to make difficult decisions about your companion animal in the complex worlds of conventional and alternative medicine?

Have you heard about the controversies surrounding vaccinations and pet foods but don’t know how to evaluate the risks and benefits?

Do you feel that your veterinarian is making decisions for your animal based on a value system that is not in alignment with yours, leaving you feeling unsettled?

You can become a more informed, empowered partner with your veterinarian in the health care decisions that are made for your animal friend.

If you’re like most of my clients, some of your conventional medical experiences for your companion animal have been unsatisfactory at minimum.

There may have been no reasonable conventional treatment available, or your animal companion may have experienced unacceptable side effects. Have you heard success stories about alternative medical treatments but have little or no experience using these therapies? Are you overwhelmed by the task of figuring it all out yourself?

There are an increasing number of alternative treatments available for your pet which are accessible, practical, and do not have the side effects of conventional therapies. It is possible to sort through all the complex medical information and treatment options. Using value-based decision-making, you can feel peaceful about the choices you make on behalf of your friend and companion.

It is likely that you have little or no training or experience with animal diseases to evaluate the complicated lab data and confusing arrays of treatment options available. Where do you even start when there is an overwhelming body of information, opinions, and choices confronting you?

Learn how to evaluate the various treatment options for your companion animal. Use your own value system as the basis to choose therapies so that you feel more at peace with your choices about your animal friend. Get the help you need to gain clarity in the complicated worlds of conventional and alternative medicines.

With 10 years experience in conventional medicine, and over 20 years experience in alternative medicine, Dr. Pat Bradley helps people sort through the information and treatment options. As a licensed counselor, she works with clients to give ongoing guidance so they feel more peaceful about their decisions for their companion animals.

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