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Do you feel that things in your life are at a critical point right now?

Have you realized that your old values and patterns of coping just don’t seem to be working for you in your career or key relationships?

Are you noticing that your choices aren’t as satisfying anymore?

If any of these is true, it is likely that an important crossroad has been reached in your life and the opportunity for you to undergo changes toward a healthier, more fulfilling life has arrived! If you’re like most of my clients who are entering counseling, you are ready to consider making changes in your life. It may be that you’ve become aware that your life is not as satisfying as it once was and you want more. Your feelings of discouragement and frustration are giving you the courage to begin to face what is not working, so you’re willing to gather more information and try new things.

There are many types of counseling approaches available for you which are accessible and practical, and these can be matched to your value system, your particular circumstances and your unique personality style. Using personalized value-based decision-making, you can feel peaceful about the choices you make in your life.

As adults, all of us will experience change during the course of our lives. Even though many of these changes are normal and predictable, they are often accompanied by feelings of frustration, hopelessness, depression or anger. It can be very difficult to see past the upsetting emotions and see that it’s actually a healthy purpose driving you.

Learn how to evaluate the various therapy options to find one or more that really fits your personality style. Use your own value system as the basis to sort through the sometimes overwhelming body of information, opinions, and choices confronting you. Get the help you need to gain clarity about your decisions so that you feel more at peace with your choices.

As a licensed counselor, I work with people to help find what is keeping them feeling frustrated and stuck, while simultaneously helping them find new goals and new ways to achieve them.

If you feel that this service may be for you, call this number to set up an appointment. Pat sees counseling clients at her office in Conway, Arkansas.

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