About Us

Dr. Pat Bradley has professional licenses in Arkansas both as a counselor and a veterinarian. After obtaining her veterinary degree from LSU, she and her husband Fred opened a conventional private practice they named Animal House. Intrigued by her clients’ stories of alternative medicine, she soon became certified as a veterinary homeopath, and has studied many other areas of holistic medicine.

Dr. Pat Bradley loves to learn and explore new things, and believes that her work, her play and her spiritual life are not separable. Following the guidance of her night time dreams, she became a counselor. She has found that this training has further allowed her to help people who are dealing with difficult emotional, physical and spiritual issues, whether they are human or animal related.

Fred Hendricks supports Dr. Pat Bradley during the day by doing all those things in a business she doesn’t do well, including making appointments. Certified as a Paramedic, he teaches beginning and advanced courses in emergency medicine and works in the Emergency Room of the local hospital at night. At home, Fred is The Grill-Meister (according to his family and friends). He maintains that when they were married in 1978, Pat let him keep his maiden name..